Elegant Korean Dress

Elegant Korean Dress - necklace included
Free Size / Fits S-M
WS @ p290 - 3 pcs. min.(asstd.) to avail ws price
RT @ PP310

Place your orders now! The colors might not be available the next day because the items are fast moving.
So, TAKE NOTE: Please prepare for a 2nd or even 3rd option, just in case your 1st and 2nd option isn't available anymore. Or sometimes might be changed instantly without prior notice to the closest color or design if your original order isn't already available. Thanks for your cooperation.
Kindly no haggle. Pricing is fixed. NEED FULL PAYMENT for sure orders. NO FP, NO processing of orders. Once RESERVED, considered SOLD. STRICTLY NO CANCELLATION of orders. Meet up every Saturday in E-mall and SM ONLY for Cebu City buyers and shipping via JRS for long distance buyers. NO RETURN, NO REFUND. EXCHANGE only if item is damaged or not similar to your exact order.

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