Hp notebook for sale 4 mnth used

I am selling hp netbook,it have great processor with 2.16 Ghz intel and 2GB RAM, 32GB HDD ,YOU CAN EXTEND IT ,. Its only 4 month old.still like new. Coz i have computer at office. I mostly use that.but it have one issue its battery not charging you need to plugin always,thats why i am selling it cheap price,.you ONLY need buy new battery.OR YOU CAN USE IT PLUG IN ALWAY,THERE IS NO PROBLEM,BUT ITS VERY GUD CONDITION, No other even small hidden issue. Only battery issue lng. Accessories INCLUDED - CHARGER. BOX.CABLES. THIS netbook comes with built in. WIFI. BLUETOOTH .INSERT SIM.CARD SLOT,, PORT.(YOU ONLY NEED INSURT SIM TO USE INTERNET OR WIFI,,IT HAVE ALSO BLUETOOTH BUILT IN VISIT , WWW.KALIRONAS.COM


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