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BURN SLIM TABLET- a special proprietary blend of Garcinia Cambogia Extraxt (HydrocyCitric Acid 60%), GreenTea Extract( Cathecin 50%). Conjugated Linolec Acid,L-Carnitine and White Kidney Bean Extract.

BURN MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE- is a low calorie,zero saturated/transfat supplement which provides complete nutrition including protein and amino acid. It's a great-tasting way to achieve your weight loss goal. BURN Meal Replacement Shake contains high Protein which shake off hunger and other ingredients instrumental in weight loss such as HCA, L-CARNITINE,Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea extract, Green Coffee Bean extract and Guarana.

What is the New Component of our new Liven Coffee?Carnipure™ supplementation was found to increase theoxidation of fatty acids in healthy human subjects. In twodifferent studies, the subjects received labeled fatty acidswith a meal, prior to and after ten days of supplementationwith Carnipure™. As a breakdown product of labeled fattyacids, labeled CO2 was then measured in the exhaled air. Inthe group that received Carnipure™ tartrate, a significantincrease in exhalation of labeled CO2 was observed,indicating a significant increase in fatty acid oxidation. Thisleads to the conclusion that this nutrient can be beneficial topeople who care about their weight or participate in anyweight management programs.

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