Ecological Resort Is Up For Sale!

Like many other vacation spots to visit, this Ecological Resort has something to show guests who loves to break their time for a moment. This simple yet very accommodating resort has various rooms that will provide your vacation needs, may it be temporarily or not.

This Ecological Resort has its two swimming pools, the one is for adult and the other is for kids, which the water on fill isn’t ordinary but of spring, making it more relaxing and soothing to the body, plus it’s free to use.

It also has beautiful landscapes, a fishing pond and various animals surrounding the vicinity making the resort a more animal-friendly and makes up the name.

There are different types of rooms which guests can use depending on their stay. There’s a pavilion, equipped with two rooms, for conferences or other purposeful acquaintances, a big house which is good for two rooms, overnight cottages with four rooms equipped with one bathroom, and two rooms with one bathroom. There’s also nipa huts with beds and the bathroom has four for female and two for male.

Around the pool are cottages for temporary visit that has a quick entrance to the pool itself and benches created to relax while taking a break from the swim.

Of course, caretakers also have their house so that they can serve the guests properly in no time.

This Ecological Resort is in its move-in condition that makes people visit it more often. It is well-maintained by the caretakers and people are safe whenever they’re inside the place.

You’ll feel welcome when you visit this place, not only by the caretakers but by the environment itself.

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P10 000 000


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2,331 sq.m